• Ok, hear me out. Technically she can. A woman can raise her son up from being a child to an adult man. She can teach him things about being an adult and what her version of a man is. So, in that since, yes a woman can definitely raise a boy into a man. But as a woman, do we really know what it takes to be a MAN? What the essence of a man really is? As a woman,we really know what it takes to be a man? For me, the answer is NO. Being a man, especially a black man in 2019 is a challenge in itself. Men are faced with all kinds of trials and tribulations that a woman will never, ever understand. Their are things that children, especially boys, have to learn that can only come from a man. I, as a woman can teach my daughter to be a woman because I know how to be a woman. I understand through and through what it takes to be a woman physically, mentally, emotionally and otherwise. I understand the femininity being a woman. There are things that only I can can teach her about womanhood because I’m a woman. The same goes for men. There are things that only men understand that can be taught to a male child. The masculinity of men, his thought process, his entire being, can only be explained by him. A woman can only give some perspective which can sometimes be biased based on her personal interactions with men.
  • Men are vital pillars of the community. Every community. They are the foundations of all things strong and stable. They are the protectors, the stabilizers, the peace makers, the noise makers, the head and the tail. Men (in my opinion) can make or break the family unit. They are the strength and the weakness of a foundation. Men are one of the only beings on this Earth that can evoke such strong emotion from a woman whether it’s good or bad. Only men hold such power.

    I say, let’s begin to appreciate the essence of what men bring to the world. To our surroundings. Not just your man, or your father, but men in general. Now, someone may be reading this and will say, ” where is he because I haven’t seen such a man”. Well sis, this isn’t for you then. But I’m almost positive we all know a man that we can appreciate whether in public or private because of their greatness. Tell a random man, Happy Fathers Day (if he’s indeed a father) or even if he acts in place of a father. (Many men do) Let’s give men the same energy they give us on Mother’s Day!! They deal with enough!!! At least we can let them know, that they are appreciated!!!