To hold on or to let go…

We must realize and accept who people are and what they’re capable of. If you want to deal with them, you have to meet them where they are. Maybe they’ll grow, maybe they won’t. But it’s YOUR decision to deal or not deal. But one thing you can’t do is change who they are. You can’t change their thought process, their personality, their character traits, nothing. We have to accept people they way they come to the table.

Sometimes we want to inject yourselves into peoples lives and help them, save them so to speak because we see something broken in them and we want to “put the broken glass back together.” Often times we want more for them than they’ll ever want for themselves. And that’s ok, but you must know when to cut your losses. We must realize when to give our time and resources and when we must pull back. It doesn’t make us selfish to pull back, it makes us aware that we’re draining ourselves into a situation that’s not reciprocating the energy. We have to live our life into its fullest potential and we cannot and will not achieve this by pouring into something with a closed lid. All we’re doing is wasting our energy and they aren’t receiving an ounce of it. Everyone doesn’t want to be fixed. Some people like to sit in their own mess.

It’s always our choice to place our-self in someone else’s presence. It’s always our decision to allow them into our presence. If at any moment the energy is bad, the conversation is off, the actions and words don’t match, it’s time for us to make a decision. No relationship is one sided. They cannot get what they need from us without us getting what we need from them too. This goes for friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, whatever the label is for you. If we’re not willing to meet them where they are, we must stop wasting our time and walk away.

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